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Mar 18 2023

Stanford Law Descends Into Barbarism

Barbarians sacked Rome from beyond the border. America’s decline and fall is playing out differently. Barbarians are sacking it from within. They have put themselves in a position to do this by subverting major institutions — including prestigious law schools, as was demonstrated when the Federalist Society invited Fifth Circuit Judge Stuart Kyle Duncan to speak at Stanford Law School:

Duncan drew Leftist ire in 2020 when he refused to pretend that a male sex offender was a woman, as he had claimed to be. He has also taken other positions that are simple sanity but are represented today as “conservative.” Instead of engaging Duncan in lively debate, however, Stanford’s future lawyers became a howling, slavering mob, refusing to allow Duncan to speak…

Fortunately, grownup educrats were there to restore order so that Duncan could be heard. Just kidding:

Tirien Steinbach, Stanford’s associate dean for diversity, equity and inclusion, is captured on video acting anything but “inclusive” toward Duncan. …

[S]he then took to the podium and began lecturing the judge, saying: “Your opinions from the bench land as absolute disenfranchisement” of the rights of students. When Duncan tried to respond, the mob screamed, “Let her finish,” a courtesy they never accorded to Duncan himself. Steinbach went on to repeat, “Your work has caused harm.”

Steinbach even accused Duncan of “tearing the fabric of this community” and asked him, “Do you have something so incredibly important to say about Twitter and guns and COVID that that is worth this impact on the division of these people, who have sat next to each other for years, who are going through what is the battle of law school together?” About the mob’s refusal to let Duncan speak, Steinbach declared, “I look out and I don’t ask what is going on here, I look out and I say, I’m glad this is going on here.” She then left, to tumultuous applause, and the students walked out behind her.

Warns Duncan,

“If enough of these kids get into the legal profession, the rule of law will descend into barbarism.”

The collapse of rule of law is already well underway, as hordes of Black Lives Matter hooligans who spent 2020 rioting without consequence can attest. Bedrock principles like equality before the law have been rejected in favor of cultural Marxism. The only tenet that matters to moonbats is that their twisted ideology must be imposed on everything everywhere at all times without exception.

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