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Mar 13 2023

Student Arrested After Saying Men and Women Differ

Look around at woke America under President Brandon and you might be tempted to say it can’t get any worse. Then look to the north and you will see that it can. Quoting the Bible to back up incontrovertible biological fact in the context of defending women from perverts can get a student dragged off from his Catholic school in handcuffs in the moonbat police state Canada:

[Josh] Alexander was a student at a Canadian Catholic high school in Ontario until he spoke his mind over concerns of men in women’s restrooms at the institution.

Distinguishing men from women and believing God created only two genders, he suggested, eventually led authorities to arrest and charge him for the offense.

He came on Tucker Carlson to explain:

“Female students complained to me that they were concerned because males were using their washrooms. This turned into a debate at the school. I stated my opinion on it, and I used Scripture to back it up,” Alexander said.

“They removed me from the building for the remainder of the year and, when I attempted to attend class, I was arrested and charged,” he continued.

He wanted to make his case to school administrators, but they refused to give him a hearing. Maybe if he tried wearing gargantuan prosthetic breasts

His lawyer James Kitchen keeps up Alexander’s spirits with a lively sense of humor:

“[W]e think there’s been religious discrimination on the basis of Josh’s Christian religious beliefs, so we’re going to file a complaint to the Ontario Human Rights Commission.”

If only Alexander were Jewish and lived in 15th century Spain, he could bring his complaints to the Inquisition. Its views on religious liberty were comparable to those of the leftists who impose their agenda through Canada’s Orwellian Human Rights Commissions.

As noted earlier, because Alexander is enrolled at the supposedly Catholic school, he is not allowed to attend other schools, limiting his future career prospects. Under totalitarianism, the ideologically noncompliant are marginalized.

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