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Apr 22 2022

Students Form Human Wall to Block Out Free Speech

There was a time when students were rebellious. They were in favor of free speech, as opposed to believing that only officially approved speech should be permitted. That was before they had been sufficiently indoctrinated by the ideologically homogeneous education establishment. Now, many of them would be eager to help herd the politically disfavored into boxcars en route to reeducation camps. They will even form human walls to block out disapproved speech — such as opposition to censorship:

Students formed a “human wall” in front of a conservative club’s event on the problems with censorship and socialism.

The pack of hyenas attacked a Turning Point USA “Prove Me Wrong” event at Tulane University in New Orleans.

Campus coordinator Driena Sixto along with the club were holding an event to invite students to debate them on whether “censorship always precedes socialism,” according to an article on the national organization’s website.

Rather than attempt to prove countermoonbats wrong, the activists behaved as you would expect of spoilt children:

“Your club is spreading hate and I don’t like it, so I’m going to stand here and yell about it. I don’t like it, so I’m going to yell about it,” a student says. “I don’t like you here on campus. So I’m going to keep yelling about it.”

“Hate” is a synonym for “thoughtcrime.” Yelling is what liberals do instead of presenting reasonable arguments.

TPUSA had to resort to calling campus police to break up the brownshirts. That won’t work forever. In the end, police represent the government. The objective of liberalism is an all-powerful, omnipresence government, so that individualism can be eradicated in favor of coercion. When leftists have the leverage to impose utopia, the police will be called in to haul free speech advocates off to the boxcars.

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