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Nov 26 2023

Stunning Footage of Media Moonbats Telling the Truth

You might be surprised if a cat turned to you and recited the Gettysburg Address — but not half as surprised as you would be if you heard truth from liberal establishment apparatchiks like Adam Kinzinger, Christopher Wray, and the professional liars comprising the mainstream media. Yet behold:

This demonstrates that taking things out of context and suppressing key information constitute a powerful propaganda technique that can appear to validate even brazen lies. For example, the liberal establishment used a picture that appeared to show Derek Chauvin’s knee on George Floyd’s neck to launch hundreds of riots that advanced its agenda and resulted in the blameless Chauvin stabbed nearly to death in a federal prison. Body cam footage that would have revealed the picture to be deceptive was of course suppressed. See The Fall of Minneapolis for details.

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