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Apr 03 2024

Surgical Sexual Mutilation Gets Even More Surreal

It isn’t enough that progressive social engineers force us to live in a grotesque nightmare of depravity. They also make us finance it:

A person in Canada wants taxpayers to fund surgery to make [him] a vagina while also keeping a functional penis…

The sexually psychotic freakazoid identifies as “nonbinary.” In accordance with liberal ideology, his body must be modified at other people’s expense so as to correspond with his delusions. That way, he can be his authentic self.

It is unclear how much the surgery will cost but traditional ‘reassignment’ procedures usually cost between $10,000 USD and $70,000.

There is precedent:

A similar case last June saw the [government-run Ontario Health Insurance Plan] fund the surgery of a public servant, 41, who had a penis constructed without removing [her] vagina and uterus…

The goal with ‘phallus-preserving vaginoplasty’ is to create a vagina that is ‘aesthetically pleasing’ while ‘maintaining the original genital structure’ of the penis, according to the Art Plastic Surgery clinic in New Jersey.

Absent sufficient pushback, they will soon be inflicting nonbinary genitalia on children — if they aren’t already. Then they will come up with abominations more sickening still.

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