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Apr 11 2024

Texas Farmers Push Back Against Race-Based Disaster Relief

In a country run by Democrats, everything is based on racial favoritism — including disaster relief:

A group of white farmers in Texas is asking a federal judge to block the U.S. Department of Agriculture from using race, gender or other “socially disadvantaged” traits to determine who gets disaster and pandemic farm aid and how much, arguing the agency’s current administration of eight emergency funding programs is unconstitutionally discriminatory. …

The farmers said the Biden administration has taken roughly $25 billion in disaster and pandemic aid approved by Congress for farmers in eight programs and devised a system to make awards based on race, gender or other “socially disadvantaged” traits.

“Socially disadvantaged” is Liberalese for “politically favored.”

Such decision-making violates the Constitution’s Fifth Amendment and the Administrative Procedures Act.

For now. Pack enough Ketanji Brown Jacksons on the court and the Constitution says whatever leftists want it to say.

The government has no money to give away to the people it favors. It can only give away other people’s money. This will always be done to advance the perceived political interests of those in power. Government-funded disaster relief is race-based theft.

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