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Dec 15 2021

The Horror: Tyrannical Technocrat Francis Collins Sings

Did you think no tyrannical technocrat could set your teeth on edge like liberal demigod Anthony Fauci? NIH Director Francis Collins might prove you wrong.

Last month, Collins barked that anyone who contradicts the current party line on Covid should be thrown in prison. That was easy on the ears compared to this:

I’ll take a booster every day until I grow a third eye, just please make it stop.

On a tip from Wiggins.


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3 Responses to “The Horror: Tyrannical Technocrat Francis Collins Sings”

  1. […] type aren’t imprisoned these days. They aren’t even forced to listen to Collins singing and strumming his guitar. Soft tyrannies have soft takedowns. These make ideological conformity a prerequisite for career […]

  2. […] to increase its power at the country’s expense. At age 81, he is overdue to step down, like crooning fellow technotyrant Francis Collins. If he retires, the highest paid federal employee will cost […]


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