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Dec 22 2023

The Purpose of the Department of the Interior

Despite appearances, federal departments all serve a purpose. The primary purpose of each is the same: to push leftist ideology. Among the most prominent aspects of this ideology is the glorification of sexual deviancy. Consequently, at the Department of the Interior,

According to documents published on X by the Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project, the department sent out guidelines establishing “gender identity” as a protected class under its federal policy. “Gender identity,” according to the Interior Department, is defined as “an individual’s internal sense of being male, female, another gender, no gender, of multiple genders, or fluid in gender.” …

The transgender policy deployed by Interior leadership in September urges employees to “use gender-neutral language in broad communications to avoid assumptions about gender identity.” Examples of “pronouns,” according to the policy, are “they, them, theirs, ze/hir/hirs, ze/zir/zirs, xe/xem/xyrs.” Bathroom use is up to personal discretion, it says, and those who refuse to abide by departmental policies are warned of retribution for “unlawful discrimination.”

That is, women had better not object to cross-dressing men invading their restroom.

Rejecting objective reality as required to support liberal ideology is mandatory:

“Repeated, intentional refusal to use the employee’s affirming name/gender/pronouns, and/or repeated reference to the employee’s dead name/gender/pronouns by supervisors/managers, or coworkers is contrary to the goal of treating all employees with dignity and respect,” the policy states. “Such intentional conduct could constitute unlawful discrimination.”

Skilled bureauweenies are able to keep a straight face while applying terms like “dignity and respect” to men who show up for work dressed up as grotesque parodies of women.

Regulations that do not promote the agenda are vestigial remnants of a time when the government could be said to represent the American people rather than the liberal establishment. Such regulations are ignored:

Employees with the National Park Service (NPS) apparently violated the agency dress code during an LGBT “pride” celebration this summer when staff held a parade at Yosemite National Park featuring celebrity environmentalist drag queen Pattie Gonia. While the NPS uniform code expressly prohibits employee participation in demonstrations or public events “wherein the wearing of the uniform could be construed as agency support for a particular issue, position, or political party,” staff draped their uniforms in activist apparel anyway.

In the interests of efficiency, the federal government could consolidate all it myriad departments into three: the Department of Sexual Depravity, the Department of the Global Warming Hoax, and the Department of Punishing Thoughtcrime. However, for Democrats, inefficiency is not a bug but a feature; it justifies more government spending.

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