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Sep 17 2023

The Story of the Century if Only…

This story would have been so big that the media would still be too busy covering it next year to mention the election or even climate change — except the races are wrong, so it doesn’t support the Narrative. Besides, who is interested in a dog bites man story?

You won’t hear about this from the mainstream media, so here are the details:

A retired police chief was bicycling when he was run over by a car in Las Vegas. The 64-year-old man later died from his injuries. Police in Nevada suspect that the fatal hit-and-run was intentional after viewing a video that the teens recorded of the deadly collision.

Police say an appalling video uploaded to social media is the smoking gun in a fatal hit-and-run on Aug. 14 that took the life of Andreas Probst.

The shocking video features two teens in a car – which police say was stolen.

If only the media could use deep fake technology to reverse the races…

On tips from Lyle, Wiggins, Chris Neilson, and KirklesWorth.


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