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Nov 21 2023

There to Kill White People

For the latest news on the multicultural enrichment of Europe, turn to Allah’s Willing Executioners, which covers an attack that occurred on a party in Crépol, France over the weekend:

A 16-year-old member of the Romanais Péageois rugby club is said to have had his throat slit, while two other young people suffered life-threatening injuries. A total of 17 people were injured. A security guard’s fingers are said to have been cut off during the attack. Videos on social media show that the attackers were mainly young people with a migration background.

Not to worry, authorities are on the case. Gendarmerie spokeswoman Marie-Laure Pezant has issued a statement:

“If the perpetrators are listening to us, it would perhaps be sensible for them to turn themselves in…”

The motive is not a secret:

The attackers said, “We’re here to kill white people.”

You thought they only wanted to kill Jews? Guess again.


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