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Jun 10 2021

Thought Police Goes After Bird Names

History students who studied China under Mao and the USSR under Stalin thought they knew about totalitarianism. Then came the USA under moonbattery. In our society, nothing whatsoever escapes political purification — not even the birds in the sky.

Taxpayer-subsidized NPR reveals that some birds have names that are politically incorrect. Kenn Kaufman, an author of bird-watching guides, is incensed that Bachman’s sparrow is named after South Carolina minister John Bachman.

“He also fancied himself to be a scientist,” says Kaufman, “and part of what he wrote about was suggesting that whites were just naturally superior to members of other races.” He says Bachman’s theories supported efforts to justify slavery.

“Once you start realizing that kind of thing about these historical characters,” says Kaufman, “the bird names take on a more sinister tone.”

What is sinister is the campaign to cancel those who lived in the past because they held views that were common or even universal at the time but are now regarded as politically incorrect.

In the future, people will get their fill of moonbats and turn against them. Does Kaufman want his name and his bird books erased?

Liberals believe that there will never be pushback against their bullying, because in their self-righteous, self-infatuated arrogance, they believe they are on the right side of history. But history is a wheel, and it never stops turning. Those on top now will find themselves at the bottom.

For time being, the woke thought police behave like alpha male cats, intent on spraying every surface in sight to mark their territory by renaming things in accordance with their ideology.

Jordan Rutter, a young birder from Washington, D.C., is co-founder of Bird Names for Birds, a group trying to make birding more inclusive by removing all eponymous bird names, that is, those named after people.

Rutter, in August 2020, petitioned the American Ornithological Society, the body that determines the names of birds, to take up the cause.

“We call these bird names verbal statues,” Rutter says, “because so many of them truly are honoring folks that were involved in colonial and Confederate times.”

Everyone who lived in the past was a thought criminal, so nothing should be named after any of them. The current generation of woke leftists are the only people who ever deserved to exist.

There needs to be a database of names liberals have changed in order to bully us and cancel the past, so that we can change everything back after their time in power has run its miserable course.

On a tip from Chris Neilson.


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