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Jul 22 2023

Tiktok’s NPC Trend

The latest contribution of social media to societal decay is the bizarre NPC TikTok trend…

…where users livestream themselves acting like an “NPC”—or an automated “non-player character” with pre-written dialogue—complete with nonsensical phrases like “ice cream so good” used in response to gifts given by their audience…

The “users” are essentially online prostitutes. Paul Joseph Watson describes the phenomenon as “PG porn, the TikTok to OnlyFans pipeline. … They’re just pushing preporn on preteens, again.”

For the morbidly curious, he documents another chapter in our civilizational decline into degenerate idiot insanity:

The apparent goal of those in charge is to reduce us all to NPCs.

On tips from KirklesWorth and ABC of the ANC.


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