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Jan 13 2021

Tolerant Liberals Start Revoking College Degrees

Liberals have to stay creative to come up with new means to express their tolerance. Now they want to revoke the college degrees of conservatives.

Rudy Giuliani, beloved as “America’s Mayor” in the aftermath of 9/11, is now a natural target:

Middlebury College, a liberal arts institution in Vermont, is rescinding Rudy Giuliani’s honorary degree, which they awarded him in 2005.

The college accuses Giuliani of involvement “in fomenting the violent uprising” at the Capitol last week, on the grounds that he spoke at the rally that preceded the riot. Needless to say, moonbats who spoke to liberal mobs prior to Black Lives Matter riots don’t have to worry about losing honorary degrees.

Ted Cruz may stand to lose a degree he actually earned:

New York University Assistant Professor of Sociology Alex Barnard called on Princeton University to rescind Sen. Ted Cruz’s Bachelor’s degree in response to the Texas Republican objecting to the certification of Arizona’s electoral college votes. …

Barnard wrote that Cruz supported such a measure “not because that makes any sense whatsoever, but because Cruz’s whole political program is symbolic acts of spite.”

How better to express your disdain for symbolic acts of spite than with a symbolic act of spite?

When Muslims conquered Christian lands like Egypt and Syria, they forced the locals to live as dhimmis — second class citizens — until they finally relented and converted to Islam so that they would not be systematically discriminated against and abused. It took centuries, but it worked. Christians constitute small minorities in the Middle East now. Liberals have not even completely taken over the federal government yet, and already they are applying a similar policy to eradicate resistance to their ideology.

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