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Jul 09 2021

Top Teachers Union Throws Extremism Into Overdrive

Despite the catastrophic effect they have had on education, Teachers unions remain in control of it due to their symbiotic relationship with the corrupt Democratic Party, which prevents them from facing accountability and even kneecaps competition in exchange for a steady flow of campaign cash raised through union dues. Teachers unions are so powerful under Democrat rule that they dictate Covid policy to the CDC, so that it prioritizes the convenience of teachers. As the Left veers ever further off the rails into radicalism, teachers unions remain at the vanguard.

Last week the National Education Association, which represents 3 million educators, held its national convention. Delegates approved various measures that do not bode well for American education, as the Wall Street Journal observes:

One calls for the union to support and lead campaigns that “result in increasing the implementation of culturally responsive education, critical race theory, and ethnic (Native people, Asian, Black, Latin(o/a/x), Middle Eastern, North African, and Pacific Islander) Studies curriculum in pre- K-12 and higher education.”

Anyone who is not white qualifies for racial praise. Critical race theory is a Marxist weaponization of postmodernism, focused on demonization of Caucasians.

The delegates also directed the NEA to lobby for “professional development around cultural responsiveness, implicit bias, anti-racism, trauma-informed practices, restorative justice practices and other racial justice trainings” for “all school employees.”

Not even the school janitor will escape indoctrination on the evils of the white race. But the main point is to brainwash children. That’s what schools are for, under leftist rule.

Another delegate-approved measure calls for the union to issue a study criticizing “empire, white supremacy, anti-Blackness, anti-Indigeneity, racism, patriarchy, cisheteropatriarchy, capitalism, ableism, anthropocentrism, and other forms of power and oppression at the intersections of our society.”

As children struggle to make sense of the bizarre terminology, adults will snicker at the absurdity of leftist fever swamp ideology. But the next generation will regard it as objective truth. Already, there are grown adults who regard this malevolent lunacy as having some kind of validity. Such people run the government, the media, and worst of all the schools.

American heroes are to be vilified, marginalized, and eventually erased, because they embody “empire” and “white supremacy.” In their place, children will be taught to revere leftist antiheroes — like a violent career criminal who died of a fentanyl overdose while resisting arrest:

Another approved statement asks the union to “join with Black Lives Matter at School and the Zinn Education Project” to hold a rally on George Floyd’s birthday, honor other victims of police violence, and promote “a national day of action to teach lessons about structural racism and oppression.”

The reference is to Howard Zinn, a communist who propagandized against America by recasting our history with the USA as the villain throughout.

And don’t forget the call for the union to share resources for “decolonizing the curriculum” with educators to use in the classroom.

To “decolonize” is to purge of anything that leftists associate with Western Civilization.

Lincoln predicted that America would be destroyed from within. Teachers unions may prove him right.

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3 Responses to “Top Teachers Union Throws Extremism Into Overdrive”

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  2. […] Their campaign to demonize Old Glory and all it stands for is taking hold. Imagine what this kid has been told about our great heritage not only at home but at school. […]


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