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May 02 2023

Towering Transsexual Beats Up Real Girl

The main advantage of sacrificing your self-respect by declaring yourself transsexual is that the liberal establishment will bestow all manner of privilege upon you, including even license to invade the girls’ locker room. There are also physical advantages, which can come in handy in case the girls push back:

A transgender student “born male” who allegedly showed “his genitals” in a southern California high school girls’ locker room towered over a girl in a viral lunchtime fight caught on video last week.

The incident occurred at Martin Luther King High School in Riverside.

Small surprise that real girls might lose their temper. Via Fox11:

“He’s [in the] girls’ locker room, using girls’ restrooms,” said MLK student Aiden Vermeir said of the transgender student. “He spit on my friends that are girls, females. He shows his genitals in the locker room.”

Careful, Miss Vermeir. You don’t want to get brought up on charges of misgendering for referring to the guy as “he.” At the very least, you are likely to get denounced as a TERF by the liberal media and deplatformed by Google’s YouTube.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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