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Aug 15 2022

Toyota Helps Transsexualize Kids

When you buy a Toyota, you get more than a car. You get to help transsexualize children through sponsorship of events like LGBTQ+ Youth:

The event, called “Models of Pride,” was hosted by the Los Angeles LGBT Center and was intended for those 24 years and younger.

How much younger?

No minimum age was listed on the website. … The event reportedly attracted roughly 400 attendees, including both kids and their parents.

They saw a performance by drag queen Dew Mi Moore. Dew Mi, get it?

Progressives have made it a priority to marinate impressionable children in the raunchy and depraved atmosphere of drag performances. If it is on the woke agenda, big corporations like Toyota will help push it.

Exposing kids to homosexual culture is not enough. The point is to recruit them:

Models of Pride also hosted breakout workshop sessions, including one titled “Drag Isn’t a Race” that focused on “learning the history of drag and taking the first steps of becoming a fabulous drag performer.”

A workshop titled “Where Do You Fit In?” explored the “LGBTQ+ community’s subcultures” in order to “find your chosen community.”

No one wishing to inflict LGBT indoctrination on children will have a problem finding funding:

Toyota donates over $100K to the Los Angeles LGBT Center on an annual basis, as does George Soros’s Open Society Foundation. Cedars Sinai also gives over $100K to the organization annually, as does Gilead, and several other companies in the pharmaceutical or healthcare industries.

The pharmaceutical and healthcare industries have a monetary interest. Psychosexual derangement leads to lucrative chemical castration treatments, sex change operations, and lifelong psychotherapy.

As for Soros, his motive is usually sheer evil.

What Toyota gets out of this is unclear, but it is not alone. Corporations that finance the corruption of children by showering money upon the Los Angeles LGBT Center include Wells Fargo, Union Bank, Citi Bank, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, First Republic Bank, US Bank, Boeing, American Airlines, Comcast NBC Universal, Hasbro, Nike, and Target.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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