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Nov 09 2021

Trains Denounced as Historically Racist

It isn’t just highways and bridges that are racist. Trains are historically racist. British moonbats and the taxpayers who support them can be thanked for bringing this crucial problem to light:

The National Railway Museum has teamed up with a consortium of universities to answer a burning historical question: were steam trains, used during Britain’s colonial age, linked with racism and slavery?

The Universities of Sheffield, Leeds and York, together with the National Railway Museum, Network Rail, and three other museums in the North of England will spend £9,000 researching how steam power aided imperial expansion and profiteering during the Industrial Revolution.

The best thing that ever happened to the human race was the spread of European civilization, which more than doubled global life expectancy and has dramatically raised the standard of living throughout the world. This golden age of human history is denounced by leftists as “imperial expansion.” The radical improvement in living conditions is denounced as “profiteering.”

Leading the project, University of York archaeology Professor Jonathan Finch said that steam power was used heavily on colonial plantations, while steamboats transported products produced by slavery around the world. Steam trains, he added, “were critical to the expansion of colonial power across Asia and Africa, as well as the opening up of the North American interior,” while the profits of colonialism fueled further industrialisation back home in Britain.

One of the many things Asians and Africans should be grateful to the British Empire for is building railroads that provided the transportation infrastructure required to develop modern economies. Like settlement of mostly unpopulated North America, we are now told that this is something to be ashamed of.

The industrialization that makes it possible for us to do something with our lives other than subsistence farming is also bad, because according to leftist ideology, it offends the climate.

[S]taff at the Science Museum Group, of which the Railway Museum is part, have already been fretting over some of their exhibits and their links to slavery and colonialism in the climate of racial panic that followed last year’s Black Lives Matter protests.

Now they can feel good about themselves, because they are doing their part to help Black Lives Matter destroy civilization and reduce us to savages whose lives will be nasty, brutish, and short — as had always been the normal human condition prior to the blossoming of European civilization.

Most likely, the new research project will result in the museum-visiting public being met with messages about slavery and colonialism when they stop by the National Railway Museum.

According to leftism, we are evil and our history is evil. Social engineers destroy our history by twisting it against us. That is enabling them to destroy us. When we are gone, there will be utopia, as prevailed in Africa before the evil white man arrived.

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