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Feb 10 2024

Trans Baby Molester Goes Free as Libs Target Dissidents

When it comes to identity groups favored by the liberal establishment, membership has its privileges — including Get Out of Jail Free cards for perverts who molest babies.

Readers may recall a guy calling himself “Maria Childers,” who was arrested for sexually abusing babies at his daycare center job. The Explore Learning Academy was apparently aware of his behavior but kept him on, presumably out of fear of transgressing against a sacred transsexual. His kid glove treatment continues:

Judge Joseph Roark handed Childers a 12-month penalty, but withheld sentencing and imposed a conditional discharge for 6 months.

If Childers abides by the conditions set by the court during the 6-month period, he will not serve any prison time at all, and may not even receive a criminal record.

Childers was represented by transsexual activist lawyer Madison Leach…

a male who began identifying as a “woman” seven years ago, was the first openly transgender candidate to seek public office in western Kentucky when he ran as a Democrat for the Calloway County attorney seat.

Just as the law goes easy on favored transsexuals, it may soon come down hard on those who fail to affirm their sexual psychosis:

[T]he Anti-Defamation League, “the leading anti-hate organization in the world,” is specifically pushing law enforcement to scrutinize viral dissenters against transgender ideology, such as The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh and The Manhattan Institute’s Chris Rufo. …

Walsh has particularly drawn the attention of gender ideologists through his “What is A Woman” documentary and his exposés of the hospitals and medical professionals across the U.S. who perform experimental transgender medical interventions on children and young people. …

“Democrats (and the ADL is just an activist arm of the Democrat Party of course) clearly want to use force to shut down speech that threatens their narrative,” Walsh said. “We’ve been moving in that direction for some time. I expect that if Biden wins re-election we will start to see, in the next year or two, outspoken conservatives getting fined and arrested on the grounds of ‘hate speech,’ etc.”

As leftists consolidate power, those who speak up for decency will go to jail, as child molesters run free. This is known in liberal circles as “progress.”

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