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May 29 2024

Trans Man Premature Menopause

According to ruling class doctrine, “trans men” are not women but actual men. But that doesn’t mean they don’t get menopause — they even get it prematurely:

Transgender men are suffering from “postmenopausal” problems like incontinence in their 20s because of taking testosterone, a study has revealed.

Transsexual joy can get a little messy sometimes. Smelly too.

Experts analysed 68 transgender men who were taking the cross-sex hormone to change their identity from female to male and found that 95 per cent had developed pelvic floor dysfunction.

The participants, who were as young as 18 and had an average age of 28, had bladder and bowel symptoms that medics would expect to see in a woman after the menopause.

At least they hadn’t committed suicide, like those undergoing sex change procedures are much more likely to do.

Experts said the impact of the sex-changing drugs on bodily functions are under-researched and under-reported, with people “not being informed of the risks at gender clinics”.

Informing their victims of what is being done to them would cut into profits. Also, it might constitute hate speech.

Around 87 per cent of the participants had urinary symptoms such as incontinence, frequent toilet visits and bed-wetting, while 74 per cent had bowel issues including constipation or being unable to hold stools or wind in. Some 53 per cent suffered from sexual dysfunction.

Psychologically speaking, they all suffer from sexual dysfunction, or they would not be candidates for “gender-affirming care.” Rather than attempt to cure a diseased mind, sex change procedures are intended to bring the body in line with it.

Experts warned that the drugs were putting young people on “exactly the same trajectory” as those going through the menopause. A third of the participants in the study were students.

Estimates pelvic health physiotherapist and member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Elaine Miller,

“I would expect that almost 100 per cent of female people that take cross-sex hormones will end up with these problems.”

Other consequences of testosterone injection include hair loss, blood clots, and gallstones. On the positive side, they help psychotic women who imagine they are men to become “who they really are” according to progressive dogma.

On tips from Steve T and ABC of the ANC.


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