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Apr 18 2024

Transgender Maniac Layla Le Fey Gets Wrist Slap

Sexual psychosis is a serious problem in our society. It should be treated like the illness it is rather than encouraged in the name of leftist politics. Maniacs like Layla Le Fey do not need egging on:

Le Fey, 44, was handed a combined 20-week suspended sentence for violent threats he sent to Helen Joyce and Kellie Jay Keen, two well-known women critical of gender identity ideology, in which he fantasized about butchering and dismembering them.

Le Fey says he is “interested in setting fire” to Keen’s home — with her inside.

Le Fey had also communicated his desire to “kick the s**t out of” her, rip her eyes out, and break her spine in a bizarre bid to “prove [her] point” that “some trans people are extremely violent.” That same day, Le Fey stated that he would enjoy either seeing Keen brutally killed by a “misogynist psychopath” or acting out the murder himself.

No doubt she has it coming for being a transphobe. Transphobia = genocide. Take a Gender Studies course at any liberal arts college if you don’t believe me.

As for author Helen Joyce, Director of Advocacy for women’s rights charity Sex Matters,

“God how I would love to just rip your eyes out, chop your hands off, and carve your face up really badly,” Le Fey said to Joyce on March 20.

The idea is to terrify resistance to LGBTism into silence. The threats carry wait because if a guy is crazy enough to go around dressed like a red light district version of Corporal Klinger, he might be crazy enough to act on them — as a visit to the Transsexual Violence Hall of Horrors will confirm.

Le Fey was sentenced to a consecutive 10 weeks for the threats against Keen, and another 10 concurrent weeks for the messages he sent to Joyce.

Even this wrist slap of a sentence was suspended.

At least there is an 18-month restraining order keeping him away from Keen and Joyce. They must feel totally safe now. Or maybe not:

Le Fey has a history of violence, and, according to the Daily Mail, a lengthy criminal record. He has been convicted for more than 50 prior offenses, including several for wielding weapons in public.

Good thing for him that he claims to be a woman:

Le Fey had also previously avoided a prison sentence as a direct result of his transgender status.

That was for brandishing a claw hammer while stealing wine from a store. Membership has its privileges — especially membership in identity groups worshiped by leftists as “oppressed.”

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