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Aug 24 2023

Transparency Redefined

Like all things leftist, the eradication of our language is implemented progressively. Banning all words and demanding that we communicate by grunting like animals would dramatically reduce thoughtcrime, but could spark resistance if imposed all at once.

Even some harmful words have been spared for now. Instead of deleting them from the Newspeak Dictionary, our rulers repurpose them by changing their meaning to the diametric opposite of what it used to be. “Liberal” is one example. Another is “transparency.”

Matt Taibbi is turning out to be a liberal more in the old sense than the new. He sounds the alarm on the redefinition of “transparency”:

Transparency for decades was understood to mean a pro-democratic concept giving ordinary citizens the power to see how their government operates, how taxes are spent, and whether or not public officials are complying with laws.

In contrast,

When elite politicians and media figures speak of “transparency” now, they mean giving government power to obtain “transparency” into the activities of private citizens.

The personification of ultimate government power is globalist Klaus Schwab.

Transparency in Schwab’s conception has been turned on its head, to mean an unavoidable system of total non-privacy the world must learn to accept.

Growls Schwab:

“Everything is transparent, whether we like it or not. This is unstoppable. If we behave acceptably, and have nothing to hide, it won’t be a problem.”

Transparency now means we can keep no secrets from the government. It was supposed to work the other way around. But now it doesn’t:

The chief way you know the new version of transparency is a fraud is that it’s limited to “qualified” researchers.

That is, researchers working on behalf of the liberal establishment — or you might say, on behalf of Klaus Schwab.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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