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Apr 05 2024

Transsexual Call for Cis Genocide

The Transsexual Violence Hall of Horrors is merely representative, because acts of violence committed by lunatics who regard themselves to be members of the opposite sex are too numerous for a complete list to be compiled here. Given the way moonbattery is causing our cultural wheels to come loose, such a list might soon expand explosively:

The liberal establishment goes beyond egging on the mentally ill in their psychotic delusions. From its figurehead Joe Biden on down, it actively nurtures a sense of extreme grievance, as if the transsexuals liberals place on pedestals were Jews being herded off to Auschwitz. The results were predictable.

The “cis genocide” fantasy should surprise no one. Projection is a characteristic feature of leftists. When pro-Hamas maniacs shriek that Israelis are committing genocide, they mean they want to “Free Palestine” — i.e., eradicate Jews. Transsexuals are also fond of the word genocide. This provides insight into what they would like to do to those who highlight their sickness by not being depraved.

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