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Mar 24 2021

Twitter Reaction to Boulder Leaves Egg on Woke Faces

Moonbats leapt with amazing speed to exploit Monday’s shooting in Boulder to attack the Second Amendment. Yet they moved faster still to blame it on the intersectional identity group they are committed to destroying: white Christian men.

Ahmad Al-Issa is a left-wing Muslim who was born in Syria. This profile does not advance the agenda, which is why leftists quickly pivoted to blaming the gun rather than the killer. We all knew his identity the next morning — but that was too long for wokesters to wait.

Leftists across Twitter, many of them journalists, scrambled to delete tweets after they falsely claimed the Boulder mass shooter, an Islamist from Syria who reportedly had ISIS sympathies, was “white.”

For example,

“In America, if you’re white, no matter how many people you kill you’ll be taken into custody alive,” tweeted author John Pavlovitz. “We really need to ban angry white guys with guns,” he added before deleting both tweets.

BLM activist Meena Harris also deleted a tweet that screeched, “White men are the greatest terrorist threat to our country.”

Meena Harris is the niece of the copresident.

After claiming that the shooter wasn’t killed by cops because he was white, upon his identity being revealed, Amy Siskind subsequently demanded that people stop talking about it.

Caleb Hull collected examples of the propaganda that blue check moonbats were eager to projectile vomit via Twitter:

See more at Not the Bee and Hot Air, where John Sexton compares Boulder to Atlanta:

In both cases, there is a particular narrative that a lot of people are very eager to embrace for political reasons. In Atlanta it’s the idea there was a racially motivated attack by a white supremacist which is getting covered up by police. In Boulder, the narrative people clearly wanted was a white domestic terrorist getting special treatment from police.

Both narratives are without factual support. But you don’t need facts to make impressions in the minds of morons who are only half paying attention. Politics is the art of herding idiots.

The desire to make white people and police the villains and accomplices in these tragedies is a worrisome trend.

All 10 of the victims were white in Boulder. In stark contrast to the majority of the Atlanta victims being Asian, the media is unlikely to draw any conclusions from this or even acknowledge it.

Twitter acts quickly to suppress “misinformation” if it reflects poorly on Democrats. However, calling a Muslim Arab a “white Christian terrorist” does not violate its misinformation policies. A Twitter apparatchik confirmed that such tweets “are not in violation of Twitter Rules” and further honked:

“We will not take action on every instance of misinformation. Currently, our misinformation rules cover COVID-19 misinformation, synthetic and manipulated media, and civic integrity.”

“Civic integrity” means no complaining about Democrat cheating in the 2020 election.

Facebook also does its part to prop up the liberal narrative and suppress information that undermines it:

Facebook scrubbed a page belonging to Boulder supermarket shooter Ahmad Al-Issa that revealed the gunman was anti-Trump and had promoted pro-refugee, anti-Islamophobia activism.

Al-Issa says that “Trump is such a dick” and that “racism” is to blame for his win in 2016. If only he had observed that Biden is a leftist tool and foolishness is to blame for his 2020 win before committing mass murder, Al-Issa could have remained immortal in the realm of Facebook, his rants forever safe from deletion.

The gunman also shared a PBS article with the text, “Why refugees and immigrants are good for America,” while also accusing “racist, Islamophobic people” of hacking his phone.

The prosecution rests; like so many maniacs, Al-Issa is a moonbat.

He is also said to be a “deeply religious Muslim” with “ISIS sympathies.” Facebook/Twitter had better get to work erasing such misinformation. It cannot be true, because white male Christians are responsible for all evil, according to the dogma of our ruling class.

On tips from TCS III, ABC of the ANC, and Mr. Freemarket.


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