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May 22 2024

Unified Reich Hoax Marks New Low

Democrats in both the government and media have taken disinformation to a new extreme of shamelessness and absurdity with the “unified reich” hoax.

The term appears amid newspaper text in a Trump ad. The context is Austrian politics in the runup to World War I. By stripping away the context, propagandists have exploited the two essentially random words to support their contention that Donald Trump is Adolf Hitler.

The supposedly scandalous words are from a widely available template that was used in the ad. You have to watch closely to catch them:

Liberal information gatekeepers bank on public ignorance. This hoax was quickly exposed, but those sealed in the MSM echo chamber will never know that.

In defense of moonbats, it can’t be easy for the proponents of a race-obsessed authoritarian regime to cast their opponents as Nazis.

Instead of exploiting the opportunity to emphasize that their opponents are liars, the Trump campaign deleted the ad as if it had been caught with its hand in the cookie jar, lending seeming credibility to the childish claim that Trump wants to establish the Fourth Reich.

The reflex is always to retreat in the face of the media. It should be always to attack.

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