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Apr 01 2024

US Navy Ship Swirls Down Maelstrom of Moonbattery

When end-stage liberalism has been reached, moonbattery has to be piled atop more moonbattery, because there is nowhere else to pile it. You thought nothing could be woker than a US Navy ship named after a homosexual who preyed on teenage boys? How about activists commandeering the gangway of that ship in San Franfreakshow to promote their support for Islamic terrorists?

A group of pro-Palestinian demonstrators rallied at the San Francisco waterfront where the USNS Harvey Milk was docked Friday, with some protestors chaining themselves to the gangway of the ship.

“Pro-Palestinian” in the context of current events means “pro-Hamas,” which in turn means “anti-Western Civilization.”

The group gathered to protest the Friday morning ceremony celebrating the ship and its namesake at Pier 30/32 attended by U.S. House Emerita Nancy Pelosi and San Francisco Mayor London Breed, along with other local and military officials.

To honor a child molester like Harvey Milk is disgusting, obscene, and characteristic of our liberal rulers.

At least one police officer was injured — not that this is likely to result in punishment in California.

Our communist Chinese adversaries are aware of the contemptible farce to which Democrats are reducing our country. That’s why they are preparing for war.

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