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Dec 03 2022

Vintage Hate Hoax: Isaih Martin

This Vintage Hate Hoax originally appeared on Moonbattery July 11, 2020:

It is now considered hate speech to say that all lives matter, since implying that black lives do not matter more than other lives contradicts prevailing leftist dogma. But even as the definition of hate speech expands, social justice warriors cannot find bigotry against anyone other than whites and have to resort to hoaxes. The racism drought is so severe that Student of Color Isaih Martin was reduced to scribbling “All Lives Matter” on a note, attaching it along with other notes to the windshield of his car, and then claiming someone else did it.

The Epoch Times reports on the results of a 2-week investigation:

Martin, a senior at Texas A&M, reported to campus police on June 24 that he found three hand-written notes attached to the windshield of his car, which was parked at an on-campus apartment complex. The notes included the N-word, “You don’t belong here,” and “All Lives Matter.”

“I hate it here. Y’all still don’t think A&M is racist?” Martin, who is black, wrote on Twitter.

Even with the tweets protected, Martin’s Twitter page makes his motivation obvious by featuring a #BlackLivesMatter banner, complete with the menacing fist that represents both black supremacism and Marxism.

Predictably, authorities scrambled to demonstrate how seriously they took the trivial incident and used it to advance the phony narrative that racism against protected groups is common.

Texas A&M President Michael K. Young denounced the racist act, saying in a June 25 statement that the school is offering a $1,200 reward to anyone with valid information regarding the incident.

“We are tired of bigoted members of our community marring the experiences of students of color,” Young barked dutifully, as if it were likely that someone other than Martin had written the notes.

The more seriously authorities take a hoax, the harder they look for a culprit to punish, the more likely the hoax is to be debunked. Surveillance footage revealed that no one but Martin could have left the notes.

The police report concludes:

“In this particular case and at the advice of the county attorney, there was no offense. The case is closed and no arrest was made.”

Fortunately for Martin, he can’t be charged with falsely reporting a crime, because no actual crime was alleged. Via KBTX:

Police shared their findings with the county attorney who determined no crime was committed since the notes did not contain a threat. …

Police also asked the county attorney’s office to see if the incident would be considered a false report but were told the case “does not meet the elements since Martin did not report a crime.”

Even now that it has been debunked, Martin won’t admit to his hoax. He has consulted with a lawyer and will no longer speak to police. No doubt other crybullies and moonbats admire him for “raising awareness” about the imaginary racist oppression leftists have been using as a pretext to destroy our country.

On tips from Pegon Zellschmidt, Rusty Bill, R Lane, Mr Freemarket, Dave F, Steven S, Rapinhoe, Sean G, R F, and Troy H. Hat tip: Law Officer.


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