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Nov 10 2023

WaPo Pulls Cartoon for Criticizing Hamas Tactics

Sometimes you can see a cartoon that makes a valid point even in liberal establishment publications — like this one that appeared in the Washington Post:

The point is valid if a little overobvious. Islamists have no decency when it comes to inflicting their cult. Their conception of the perfect human being was a brigand and terrorist who became a successful warlord through sheer brutality. Consequently, to this day Muslims use tactics that the civilized world shuns, conspicuously including using women and children as shields and subjecting them to violence for propaganda purposes.

Now for the rest of the story:

The Washington Post is apologizing for publishing an anti-Hamas cartoon that some readers complained was offensive and racist.

The purpose of liberal establishment media outlets like the Washington Post is to provide readers with a bubble of moonbattery within which they can bask in their twisted self-righteousness. Allowing reality to intrude defeats the point. Because Israel reminds progressives of America, Hamas terrorists are cast as the good guys. To challenge the liberal narrative is thoughtcrime — i.e., racist.

One reader complained the cartoon uses “racial stereotypes” that are “offensive and disturbing,” which perpetuate “racism and gender bias, which is wholly unacceptable.” Another reader actually complained that “laying the deaths of Palestinian civilians at the feet of Hamas instead of the people actually killing them is a gross mischaracterization.”

Yet another reader complained it is not “informative, helpful or thought-provoking to look at this conflict through the glasses of 19th-century colonialists.”

That’s why Israeli children deserve to be tortured, mutilated, and murdered while their parents watch. Because Israelis are “colonialists” for living on land liberals would prefer be given to people they regard as having browner skin.

WaPo promptly pulled the cartoon and whimpered for forgiveness

Then, without a single acknowledgment of irony, [opinion editor David] Shipley pledged to “continue to make the [opinion] section home to a range of views and perspectives, including ones that challenge readers.”

If moonbats had any self-awareness, they would choke to death on self-contempt.

Evil is usually a means to an end. For Hamas, the end is the eradication of non-Muslims. For its liberal fellow travelers, the end is the depravity that characterizes all aspects of their ideology.

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