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Sep 30 2023

Washington State Is Great Place for Sex Offenders

Sex offenders have a friend in the liberal establishment. This is especially true in deep blue states where social engineers have no significant resistance — like Washington:

Washington’s Sex Offender Policy Board is working with the state’s Sentencing Guideline Commission in an attempt to roll back restrictions and sentence guidelines for sex offenders…

This is on the heels of community blowback from Washington Democrats including Governor Jay Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson, releasing level 3 sex offenders, those deemed the “worst of the worst” and most likely to re-offend from high-security facilities to halfway houses in unsuspecting neighborhoods.

Additionally, at the end of the last legislative session, Democrat Governor Jay Inslee line-item vetoed a provision that would have informed neighbors if such an individual was to be placed in their community.

In 2020, Jay Inslee ran for president as a single-issue candidate hyping the global warming hoax. Looks like he’s branching out.

As always with progressives’ sexual agenda, children are in the crosshairs:

A draft of the recommendations for the Model Penal Code obtained by The Post Millennial from a Sept. 21 meeting reveals that the entities are claiming that “those convicted of a sex offense have some of the lowest recidivism rates compared to individuals convicted of a non-sex offense” adding “This is also true for individuals convicted of sex offenses against children.” The document did not cite the pertinent data.

This is likely because the pertinent data has not yet been fabricated. But it will be, just as it has been in support of other liberal causes like the fictional climate emergency and the transsexualization of children.

Brad Meryhew is the chair of the committee and a defense attorney who represents people who have been charged with sex crimes.

Under Democrat rule, criminals and their representatives are in charge.

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