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Sep 18 2023

Watch Moonbat Barista at Play

Other corporations have been catching up in terms of woke policy, but thanks to its baristas, Starbucks still offers a distinctive moonbat ambience:

Jesse Scott Johnson (AKA “Jessica Lillian Johnson”) is part of the ABDL (Adult Baby and Diaper Lover) community, whose members obtain sexual pleasure from wearing diapers and being humiliated.

Being a moonbat is the ultimate humiliation. For those who succumb to moonbattery, this is not a bug but a feature. But Johnson wants still more. So he uses the a whipped cream dispenser to load his diaper. Then he pours in a grande’s worth of ice.

Libs of TikTok wonders why Johnson is wearing diapers instead of pants at work. Not even John Fetterman has done that. At first I assumed he works in California or New York, but no; the location is Missouri, deep in the Heartland. America is as saturated with moonbattery as Johnson’s diapers are with whipped cream and whatever else might be found in there.

Warning — watching moonbats at play is disturbing:

Anyone who goes into a Starbucks after watching that has one hell of a stomach.

Now you know where progressives will progress to next after LGBTism and pedophilia.

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