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Feb 20 2022

Water Fountain Hate Hoax at Sacramento High School

Hate hoaxers are moonbats. Moonbats live in a world where America is always and forever the Deep South during Jim Crow. That’s why a black girl set authorities’ hair aflame by scribbling “White” and “Colored” over a pair of drinking fountains at C.K. McClatchy High School in Sacramento, apparently intending to prove that despite the mountains of evidence to the contrary, blacks really are oppressed.

Having been caught on video, she confessed. Her name has been suppressed to protect the guilty.

Al Sharpton wannabe Mark Harris, a community liaison for the Sacramento Unified School District, receives taxpayer money to “address racism and racial equity issues in local schools.” Unsurprisingly, he supports the hoaxer.

Barks Harris:

“It should be a moment for our community to come together and make sure this doesn’t destroy this person’s life. … This is not a situation that is the same as an overt deliberate move to do something that is racist, destructive, negative, etc.”

What could be racist or negative about using a hate hoax to prop up the deliberately divisive liberal narrative of white oppressors and black victims?

Meanwhile, black activist Berry Accius…

…called on Harris and the district authorities to release the video footage that obscures the face of the girl but proves once and for all that it is in fact a black student.

Who knows? Maybe a white kid did it but the school covered it up and Harris is in cahoots with the KKK.

‘Why is it when you find something like this we find the Black students quicker than we find the white students,’ Greater Sacramento NAACP president Betty Williams said.

Answer: Because black students are the ones responsible.

Supposedly, the culprit will be punished in some way, although Superintendent Jorge Aguilar says the school system “will remain focused on supporting the healing of students and staff who have been impacted by this troubling act of vandalism.”

So long as the even the mildest incidents are treated like cataclysmic events, there will never be a shortage of hate hoaxes.

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