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Feb 29 2024

Welcome to a World Without Property Rights

Property rights are fundamental to civilization. Without them, society finds itself in the position of the Landas:

Susana and Joseph Landa, both 68, purchased the perfect home in Little Neck, Long Island, where they planned to enjoy retirement and care for their son Alex, who has Down Syndrome. …

Susana and Joseph’s dreams were crushed when, after buying the home in October, they discovered the house had been claimed by a squatter, identified as Brett Flores. …

Flores is claiming that he has every right to be on the property after being hired as a ‘caretaker’ for the previous owner.

In a sane jurisdiction, authorities would take firm grasp of one ear and escort Flores off the $2 million property. But this is New York:

After 30 days of continuous occupation, squatters can file adverse possession claims.

On top of refusing to leave, Flores is renting out rooms.

In the online listings, Flores advertised ‘The Prince Room’ for $50 a night to males, female, couples, families or students looking for a place to stay.

Adding to the indignities,

The homeowners tried to enter the property alongside an insurance inspector and Flores called the cops on them.

Flores knows how to work a system that is rigged in favor of lowlifes:

Flores has showed up for court without an attorney and filed for bankruptcy on January 9, 2024, which prevented any legal proceedings from going forward.


Flores has racked up thousands of dollars in utilities, which Joseph and Susana have had to pay.

Susana said Flores has been ‘leaving windows open 24 hours’ while they are paying the heating bills.

According to leftist ideology, property is theft. The consequences of putting leftists in charge are appalling but not surprising.

On a tip from Ed McAninch.


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