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Mar 26 2024

What the Media Means by “Hate Speech”

When the media and the ruling party are two heads on the same Hydra, the population getting ground under its heel may have to resort to guerilla communication:

It is politically unorthodox to object to moral decay or even to your country being washed away in an engineered tsunami of illegal immigrants. So the media characterizes the signs as hate speech:

What are described as hate speech signs were removed from the state Capitol grounds Friday morning. …

The signs were first spotted outside the Colorado Capitol around 5:30 a.m. Friday.

“I think it definitely went overboard. Even having that kind of hate in your heart is a step too far,” Together Denver Organizer Amy Beck said.

Whimpered another person selected to express the approved point of view:

“It’s very hurtful to me, it’s just a form of hate.”

Hate crime charges may come atop vandalism and criminal mischief after the authorities who allow illegal immigration and prostitution to flourish track down the culprit.

Inside the Capitol, you can find signs that are approved by the liberal establishment, and therefore are not hate speech:

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