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Oct 03 2021

What to Expect of Tsunami of Afghan Refugees

Even as many Americans were left behind by Biden’s catastrophically incompetent surrender to the Taliban, vast numbers of Afghan refugees are pouring into the country:

The head of U.S. Northern Command, General Glen VanHerck, told reporters that roughly 14,000 refugees staying overseas are set to be transported to the U.S. VanHerck added that about 53,000 are spread across eight U.S. military bases, edging close to their 64,000 capacity.

Many more will follow. If there is one inexhaustible resource, it is needy, unskilled, unassimilable voters for Democrats to import from the Third World.

What can we expect of the Afghans who will pour into the country by the tens of thousands indefinitely? For an indication, we can look to the ones who are already here:

In a thorough review of the 133,000 Afghan migrants already in the United States, the Center for Immigration Studies found that they are nearly three times more likely to tap into welfare than native-born Americans.

What’s more, the share of those in poverty is about twice as high as native-born Americans, according to census data used in the new report.

Democrats know what they are doing. Those who rob Peter to pay Paul can count on Paul’s vote. Soon Peter will be hopelessly outnumbered.

To get a more specific idea of what to expect of the current wave of Afghan colonists, we turn to the Grand Hotel Scarborough in Scotland:

Grand Hotel Scarborough makes a perfect metaphor for the West under foreign occupation as leftists allow The Camp of the Saints to come true.

No wonder we have been housing the Afghan hordes at military bases. However, bases are reaching full capacity, and not even the military can keep them under control:

They call Afghanistan the Graveyard of Empires because no one has been able to tame its savagery, not the Mughal Empire, not the Persians, not the British Empire, not the USSR, not the USA. Our rulers are importing this untamable savagery into our backyards on a massive scale.

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