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Jan 27 2023

White Liberal Attitude Toward Blacks

White liberals’ attitude toward blacks is hard to figure out. They seem to worship as deities blacks they select to represent the race (e.g., George Floyd). Yet they also regard blacks as inferior, or they would not presume to dictate how they are allowed to think.

The welfare state and its predictable consequences are illustrative. Blacks are treated as helpless dependents and manipulated into living in squalor. Yet white liberals who made cash oblations to Black Lives Matter must understand at some level that the welfare-bred lowlife looting in the name of George Floyd would slit their throats for the spare change in their purses.

A couple of stories sum up the condescendingly abusive yet reverently submissive attitude white liberals have toward blacks:

Not even Sigmund Freud could come up with a theory to explain the relationship. All we know for sure is that it is nothing to be proud of.

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