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Dec 05 2021

Why Housing Is Unaffordable in California

If you are wondering why housing is unaffordable in leftist-ruled California, consider what the Tejon Ranch Co has endured in its 20-year battle with envirobullies to build some homes.

An agreement has finally been reached. The 19,300 homes will supposedly be “net zero” regarding harmless and unavoidable carbon emissions.

From the Los Angeles Times via Yahoo Finance:

The pact between the Tejon Ranch Co. and the nonprofit Climate Resolve comes amid a severe housing crunch across California and removes perhaps the largest roadblock remaining for the 6,700-acre Centennial project bordering Kern County, about 70 miles north of Los Angeles.

Developers have more to deal with than activist nonprofits. There are also activist judges:

The proposal had won final certification two years ago from the L.A. County Board of Supervisors, and the company declared that it had been vindicated. But earlier this year, Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff rejected the county’s approval of the developer’s environmental impact report, effectively blocking construction.

Specifically, the judge cited aspects of the environmental review concerning wildfire risk and additional greenhouse gases generated by vehicles.

With moonbats in charge, you are not allowed to build houses because driving to the house would cause carbon emissions, which help the plants grow but which make it be too hot out according to leftist ideology.

Here’s how they got the envirotyrants to let them build the houses:

The new development, which will not include natural gas hookups, would be designed specifically to combat global warming, the parties said.

The agreement calls for the installation of nearly 30,000 electric vehicle chargers at residences and commercial businesses. In addition, the plan will include other incentives to support the purchase of 10,500 electric vehicles, school buses and trucks.

Too bad they couldn’t just pay off the mafia to be allowed to do business. That would be much more affordable.

Those who need a place to live pick up the tab:

Barry Zoeller, spokesman for Tejon Ranch, said some of the costs for the additions to the normal infrastructure for such a project “will have to be passed on to the customer, otherwise it doesn’t make the community economically viable.”

This isn’t the only California development that had to flush a fortune down the toilet to demonstrate obeisance to the Cult of the Global Warming Hoax:

If approved by Beckloff, Centennial will join the massive Newhall Ranch project in northern Los Angeles County as the most environmentally friendly suburban developments ever planned in California.

After negotiations with environmental groups, the developer of the 21,500-home Newhall Ranch project committed to provide $25 million for conservation efforts. That project also will include 10,000 solar installations and electric vehicle recharging stations in every home, plus more in the surrounding community.

Tejon Ranch Co President/CEO Gregory Bielli submissively bleats that “California needs to achieve its climate goals.” What these goals are remains unclear. There is zero chance that wasting money on unused electric vehicle charging stations will affect the weather.

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