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Mar 29 2022

Why Men Must Be Asked Whether They Are Pregnant

In a totalitarian society, every aspect of existence must be shoehorned into the ideology of the ruling class. Since most things do not fit, this can produce comical results. Britain’s National Health Service provides an example:

Men who are having X-Rays and MRI scans are reportedly being asked by an NHS trust in England if they are pregnant before undergoing the procedures.

The reason no liberal can define the word “woman” is that according to their doctrine, there is no such thing. Consequently, all patients at the Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust in Liverpool under the age of 60 getting scanned for cancer must be asked whether they are expecting, regardless of how they “identify,” lest unborn babies be harmed by radiation.

Although socialized medicine has taken a toll on the quality of medical professionals in Britain, doctors who (unlike Ketanji Brown Jackson) have a degree in biology still ought to know that men don’t get pregnant.

In their defense, it is not always easy to distinguish male from female moonbats. It is not as if you can just look at a patient’s ID:

Patients are not required under NHS guidance to go through a legal process before changing their name and gender on their official documents, which has been met by criticism from campaigners who highlight gender and not sex is recorded on the documents.

To ask patients what sex they are really, or even to suggest that they have a biological gender that is objectively real, would be offensive thoughtcrime.

Not knowing the sex of a patient is an obvious impediment to providing competent medical care. But sacrifices have to be made if we are to achieve a utopia that meets the demands of LGBT militants. The depraved ideology imposed by our rulers trumps reality itself, so of course it trumps public health.

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