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Apr 18 2021

Why Patrisse Cullor’s Spending Binge Is Not a Betrayal

The luxurious lifestyle of Black Lives Matter founder Patrisse Cullors is not a violation of her principles, considering that Marxism takes a back seat to black supremacism in the BLM ideology that has been imposed on the broader culture through intimidation and mob rule. She is black; her relatives are black. That means her extravagant indulgences benefit blacks and are therefore good. Patrisse makes the case:

Let me add in her defense that she did not cheat the corporations and individual moonbats who have donated many $millions to the Black Lives Matter cause. They all got what they wanted for the money: to signal what liberals consider “virtue” by siding with a demonic mob against civilization.

Spinning her plutocratic excesses as support for her family is particularly rich considering that the destruction of the nuclear family was listed prominently as an objective of Black Lives Matter, until this was deprioritized for public relations purposes. In this area, Cullors actually practices what she preaches; she helps to disrupt the concept of family be being “married” to another lesbian.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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