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Jun 12 2022

Why Rolling Stone Wouldn’t Watch What Is a Woman

Rotten Tomatoes offers two scores for movies. Matt Walsh’s What Is a Woman has achieved a staggering 97% positive score among real people on the Audience Score, with over 2,500 ratings. The Tomatometer represents the Official Opinion of critics. Astonishingly, there are only four reviews listed — despite this being the most important documentary in recent memory.

Normally, you can tell a movie is good when the Audience Score is high but the Tomatometer is low. This time, you can tell that the movie is excellent, because the woke kooks comprising the liberal establishment won’t even touch it.

They would be delighted to tear What Is a Woman to shreds, but they can’t, because their asinine ideology is no match for it. So they pretend the movie doesn’t exist and hope no one notices.

An exception is Rolling Stone, which predictably denounced the film. Also predictable is that the critic did not even watch the movie:

Rolling Stone’s hit piece claimed that the film — in which Daily Wire commentator Matt Walsh upends the gender ideology movement by asking one simple question — is “transphobic,” and criticized social media companies for letting The Daily Wire run advertisements to promote it.

Yet after the article’s publication, Walsh took the wind out of Rolling Stone’s sails by showing that The Daily Wire invited the article’s author, Moises Mendez II, to watch the documentary earlier this week. Mendez watched 0% of the film before reaching his conclusion — and locked his Twitter account after Walsh called him out.

Elisabeth Garber-Paul — the editor of Rolling Stone’s hit piece — managed to sit through the first 11% of the film before she greenlit Mendez’s article.

This won’t do much to restore whatever credibility Rolling Stone might once have had, back before the UVA “Rape on Campus” fiasco revealed it as a juvenile propaganda rag.

What Is a Woman is impregnable to legitimate attacks from moonbats because it hands them a rope and lets them hang themselves. Walsh asks various Experts to explain transsexual ideology and reveals that like the absurd Ketanji Brown Jackson, its proponents cannot even give a coherent answer to the titular question, which makes them squirm hilariously.

Not everyone is on board with the transsexual agenda. The movie also offers insight from authorities with the guts to publicly oppose it.

Calmly, methodically, yet highly entertainingly, Walsh confirms that transsexual ideology is insane. If you watch only one movie all year, this should be the one:

Meanwhile, the Biden Regime has been ramming this evil ideology down the country’s throat, even withholding food as leverage. Signing up to watch What Is a Woman and similar content is a way to fight back.


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