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Dec 03 2022

Why You Should Only Riot on Behalf of Your Rulers

When taking part in a violent mob, make sure to riot on behalf of the liberal establishment. That way, you are likely to avoid punishment. You may even be richly rewarded:

A federal court Wednesday approved Minneapolis, Minnesota’s agreement to pay 12 protesters a combined $600,000 for injuries sustained during 2020 demonstrations over George Floyd’s murder [sic].

That comes to $50,000 apiece, in addition to whatever wealth they acquired by looting.

Biden’s IRS has yet to issue a statement on whether BLM/Antifa thugs can deduct the bricks they throw through windows and the gasoline they use to set neighborhoods on fire as business expenses.

The agreement settled a lawsuit brought by American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota (ACLU-MN) on the protesters’ behalf, and bars Minneapolis from arresting or using physical force including chemical agents [e.g., tear gas] against people demonstrating legally, according to a Wednesday ACLU-MN press release.

Anything to tie the hands of local law enforcement. You never know when the Powers That Be will find it strategically advantageous to seize on an insignificant event like a career criminal’s fentanyl overdose to ignite another wave of devastating riots.

In contrast, those whose unruly behavior is in opposition to the ruling class will be punished severely.

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