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Apr 05 2021

Chauvin Prosecutors: Dismiss Autopsy Findings

The case against Derek Chauvin has collapsed. The prosecution wants to go full kangaroo court by suppressing the findings of the official autopsy, which do not support its improbable contention that George Floyd died of asphyxia rather than cardiac arrest.

Jonathan Turley, a liberal-leaning but honest legal analyst, sums up the key facts:

►The autopsy did not conclude that Floyd died from asphyxiation (though a family pathologist made that finding). Rather, it found “cardiopulmonary arrest while being restrained by law enforcement officer(s).” The state’s criminal complaint against Chauvin said the autopsy “revealed no physical findings that support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation. Mr. Floyd had underlying health conditions including coronary artery disease and hypertensive heart disease.” He also was COVID-19 positive.

►Andrew Baker, Hennepin County’s chief medical examiner, strongly suggested that the primary cause was a huge amount of fentanyl in Floyd’s system: “Fentanyl at 11 ng/ml — this is higher than (a) chronic pain patient. If he were found dead at home alone & no other apparent causes, this could be acceptable to call an OD (overdose). Deaths have been certified w/levels of 3.”

That is, Floyd’s fentanyl level was nearly four times what is considered potentially lethal. The case against Floyd’s illegal drug habit is much stronger than the case against Chauvin.

►Floyd notably repeatedly said that he could not breathe while sitting in the police cruiser and before he was ever restrained on the ground. That is consistent with the level of fentanyl in his system that can cause “slowed or stopped breathing.”

The sensation of not being able to breathe is also a symptom of heart failure. As Floyd was already complaining about not being able to breathe while he was still in the car, it is hard to blame this on Chauvin holding him to the ground with his knee afterward.

Floyd’s lungs were bloated with fluid. This is a symptom of opioid overdose.

►Finally, the restraint using an officer’s knee on an uncooperative suspect was part of the training of officers, and jurors will watch training videotapes employing the same type of restraint as official policy.

No reasonable person could call it murder when a police officer applies his training to restrain a criminal who is resisting arrest. According to Baker, the technique used was not likely to impact breathing.

Baker cited the drugs in the system as well as the 75-80% narrowing of coronary arteries that “put him at risk for a sudden cardiac arrest.”

This tells you all you need to know about the lynch mob that wants to string up Derek Chauvin for doing his job:

After those findings were released, Baker’s office had to be put under police protections due to threats to him and his staff.

If he gets a fair trial, Chauvin is likely to be acquitted. Many lives will be ruined and even ended as the media whips up another round of Black Lives Matter riots, laying waste to inner cities. But at least our system of justice will survive.

If Chauvin is found guilty, it will be of the charge for which he was actually brought to trial: being a white male police officer in a country run by leftists.

On a tip from Varla. Hat tip: Whatfinger.


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