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Dec 19 2020

Will Woke Mob Erase Abraham Lincoln From Currency?

The Babylon Bee started out as satire. It has become an oracle, predicting what moonbats will soon inflict on us. Are you wondering what’s next for Abraham Lincoln, after his name is removed from a high school due to his insufficient political correctness? Ask the Babylon Bee:

Joe Biden’s Treasury Secretary-designee Janet Yellen has announced plans to remove Abraham Lincoln from the penny and replace the racist, anti-BLM president with the Black Lives Matter fist.

If Abraham Lincoln was racist, then the black supremacists of Black Lives Matter must not be racist.

Lincoln won’t be missed on the penny, which inflation has rendered worthless anyway, but Yellen also intends to cancel Honest Abe from the $5 bill (fortunately only according to the Babylon Bee).

Why not? Liberals have already misguidedly lobbied to cancel Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill for his long-ago thought infractions against the intellectual orthodoxy of today’s ruling class and so that he can be replaced by someone more racially correct.

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