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Aug 04 2023

Wokesters Block Speech on Woke Threat to Free Speech

As RFK Jr learned when his fellow Democrats tried to censor him at a censorship hearing, one way to get suppressed by leftists is to sound the alarm on leftist suppression. In Canada, the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) is suing the University of Leftbridge I mean Lethbridge (UofL) over the cancelation of a speech by Dr. Frances Widdowson on “How Woke-ism Threatens Academic Freedom.”

Per the JCCF:

“Dr. Paul Viminitz, a UofL philosophy professor, invited Dr. Widdowson to speak at UofL on the topic of how woke ideology is hostile to free speech, open inquiry and dissent, which are essential components and conditions of universities.”

Widdowson has personal experience on the topic:

Widdowson had been a tenured professor at Mount Royal University (MRU) in the Department of Economics, Justice, and policy studies until she was fired in late 2021.

She lost her job over thought infractions.

She has spent much of her academic career focused on public policy in relation to indigenous people, including the causes of massive socioeconomic disparities between indigenous and other Canadians. She said her research has led her to what some deem ‘politically incorrect’ conclusions which do not conform with ‘woke’ ideas.

She had been approved to speak, but then leftist thugs stamped their feet. As usual, sympathetic educrats caved.

Despite the cancellation, Widdowson chose to attend the UofL on Feb. 1 and speak in the UofL Atrium.

However, a moonbat mob descended. She was “drowned out by shouting, drumming, and chanting” lest anyone be exposed to views that do not comply with leftist orthodoxy.

Laments Widdowson,

“Instead of encouraging faculty and students to engage with my ideas in order to reach a better understanding of totalitarian identity politics’ impact on the academy, the University of Lethbridge created an ‘unsafe space’ for critical thinking and open inquiry.”

Rebel News has more:

Adam Soos is onto something:

The laws follow the culture, but the culture is often set by academics.

The mind viruses destroying Western Civilization were engineered in the Ivory Tower, which we are forced to fund. Unsurprisingly, that is where we see the most alarming attacks on free speech.

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