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Apr 25 2023

Women’s Museum Erases Women

Feminism served its purpose in helping to destroy civilization by eroding the family. Now social engineers have moved on. Women are no longer useful as an identity group. So they are erased in favor of transsexualism.

In the USA, a Supreme Court Justice cannot define a woman — even after having been handed the position explicitly for being a Woman of Color — because according to her ideology, there no longer is such a thing. In Denmark, the Women’s Museum changed its name for the same reason:

A statue of a naked, bearded man attempting to breastfeed an infant is drawing disapproval on social media for what some critics are calling female erasure. The nude figure, constructed in 2021 as a self-portrait by Aske Kreilgaard, is depicted with exposed male genitals and breasts to which he is holding a feeding baby.

Despite having been created to commemorate International Men’s Day, the statue has now been placed outside of The Gender Museum (KØN) in Aarhus, Denmark, which was previously known as the Women’s Museum (Kvindemuseet).

The facility was originally founded in 1982 to educate the public about women’s history…

But now women are history, so the name was changed accordingly in 2021.

If you don’t like it, you are a transphobe and a TERF and had better shut up; otherwise, you will be canceled or worse.

No doubt Danish taxpayers are forced to fund this:

The former Women’s Museum first began to incorporate elements of gender ideology into their education programs in 2016 and currently offers sex education for children in primary school “through a culture-historical and norm-critical view of sexuality and gender.”

If moonbattery doesn’t make it hard to keep your breakfast down, you have a stronger stomach than I do:

Suste Bonnén calls the statue a “pedophile’s dream.” You might say the same for transsexualism in general.

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