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Feb 19 2024

You Pay Government to Get You to Eat Trash-Fed Bugs

Would you eat bugs to signal subservience to ecomoonbattery? Would you eat bugs fed on garbage? Would you pay money to have the federal government get you to eat bugs fed on garbage? The answer to the last question is yes, in light of this grant from the US Department of Agriculture:

The $130,000 grant supports research that “addresses the need for more cost-efficient production of crickets as a sustainable protein source,” according to the listing. Specifically, the grant will support research into using municipal landfill waste to feed crickets that will later be harvested for human consumption.

“Sustainable” is Liberalese for “compliant with our antihuman ideology.”

Here’s why we can’t eat food anymore:

“Conventional protein production poses a substantial strain on the ecosystem, requiring unsustainable quantities of water, land, and feed as inputs,” the grant description reads. The grant description also calls “conventional” farming a “significant source of greenhouse gas emissions.”

By “greenhouse gas emissions,” they usually mean beneficial CO2, which causes crops to grow. But we won’t be needing crops in liberal utopia, because our rulers want us to eat bugs fed on garbage.

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