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Oct 12 2022

Young Woman Euthanized for Being Depressed

Horrors like this story should come as no surprise, now that the maxim “First do no harm” has been rejected in favor of abortion and the transsexual agenda, and socialized medicine has placed a premium on cost containment:

Shanti De Corte, 23, was at a Belgian airport with her school classmates in March 2016 when Islamic State terrorists set off a bomb.

Although 32 people were killed in the blast, Shanti escaped with no physical injuries. However, the traumatic experience left her with panic attacks and bouts of depression.

Antidepressants didn’t do the trick, so…

The troubled woman then opted to be euthanised earlier this year – a procedure which is legal in Belgium – and died on May 7, 2022, after two psychiatrists approved her request.

On the bright side, at least they didn’t deliberately aggravate her disease, as is now done with those who suffer from gender dysphoria and related sexual delusions.

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