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Sep 05 2021

Yusef Salaam of Central Park 5 Running for State Senate

Did you think the political leadership in New York could not possibly get worse? Wrong. Progressives will always find a way to progress still further into hitherto unimagined depths of sociopathic depravity. Even in light of the chaos unleashed by bail reform, New York’s rulers could become still more pro-criminal. Yusef Salaam of the Central Park 5 is running for State Senate.

Salaam’s claim to fame is being convicted of raping a white woman and beating her into a coma.

From the liberal Daily News:

Nearly 20 years after a judge vacated convictions against him and four of his buddies in one of the most sensational criminal justice cases in city history, Salaam has told associates that he is running to fill the seat being vacated by Harlem state Sen. Brian Benjamin (D), who was nominated last week to be New York’s next lieutenant governor.

The lieutenant governor is next in line to become governor; that’s how the godawful Kathy Hochul got her current job. Maybe if Salaam wins — and with his qualifications, he is likely to in Harlem — he will be next in line for lieutenant governor.

Associates said Salaam, 47, plans to focus, in part, on issues that made his name synonymous with wrongful conviction: criminal justice and prison reform, police brutality and the abolition of juvenile solitary confinement.

What did you expect him to do, make the city safe for white women to go jogging?

Background on the Central Park 5, via

When Trisha Meili’s body was discovered in New York City’s Central Park early in the morning on April 20, 1989, she had been so badly beaten and repeatedly raped that she remained in a coma for nearly two weeks and retained no memory of the attack.

The brutal assault of the 28-year-old white investment banker, who had been out for a jog the night before, led to widespread public outcry and the quick arrest and subsequent conviction of five black and Latino teens…

These included Yusef Salaam, who served almost 7 years for first-degree rape and robbery.

Meili’s rape and attack was so severe, she lost 75 percent of her blood, suffering a severe skull fracture among other injuries. The woman, identified in the media as the Central Park Jogger until she made her name public in 2003, had been bludgeoned with a rock, tied up, raped and left for dead.

Later, Matias Reyes claimed to be the lone culprit. The five wilding teens had their convictions voided and were handed a $41 million bonus courtesy of taxpayers, because they were said to be the victims of “racial discrimination.” The wolf pack of savage youths were paid about $1 million per year each for cooling their heels in prison.

Revisionist propaganda has deified the Central Park 5. Yet they almost certainly participated in the rape of Trisha Meili, as well as robbing and beating other innocent people that night. As former sex crimes prosecutor Linda Fairstein notes,

Salaam took the stand at his trial, represented by a lawyer chosen and paid for by his mother, and testified that he had gone into the park carrying a 14-inch metal pipe—the same type of weapon that was used to bludgeon both a male schoolteacher and Ms. Meili. Mr. Reyes’s confession changed none of this. He admitted being the man whose DNA had been left in the jogger’s body and on her clothing, but the two juries that heard those facts knew the main assailant in the rape had not been caught. The five were charged as accomplices, as persons “acting in concert” with each other and with the then-unknown man who raped the jogger, not as those who actually performed the act. In their original confessions—later recanted—they admitted to grabbing her breasts and legs, and two of them admitted to climbing on top of her and simulating intercourse. Semen was found on the inside of their clothing, corroborating those confessions.

Even if he really were innocent, Salaam would not be the one to bring safety to the streets of New York. He holds a bitter grudge against law enforcement:

“The overwhelming feeling that I have towards the police and prosecutors is that they knew that we had not done this crime,” Salaam told NPR earlier this year. “They knew it, but yet they chose to move forward. They built their careers off of our backs. And the law of karma caught up to them.”

The law of karma is catching up with all New Yorkers, as their deranged liberalism places maniacs in charge.

Salaam has one other bullet point on his resume. He received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Barack Obama. I’m not kidding.

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