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Feb 19 2024

Zelensky and Biden Fume Over Slow Money Flow

If you thought no one could be more arrogant that our rulers in the District of Corruption, consider their beneficiary Volodymyr Zelensky, who regards a 2-week recess by Congress as unacceptable. He scolded our legislators during a conference alongside Kamala “Heartbeat Away” Harris:

“Please, everyone, remember that dictators do not go on vacation,” he said during a speech at the conference.

Joe Biden — known for his business dealings in Ukraine — is less polite:

“Two weeks, they’re walking away,” Biden said at the White House. “Two weeks. What are they thinking? My God, this is bizarre, and it’s just reinforcing all of the concern and almost – I won’t say panic – but real concern about the United States being a reliable ally. This is outrageous.”

Congress needs to keep its nose to the grindstone. Our money is not going to find its way via inflation from our bank accounts to a corrupt Eastern European backwater all by itself.

The Senate has voted to hand Ukraine another $60 BILLION of our money. Zelensky and Biden are enraged that the House hasn’t passed the bill quickly enough.

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