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Jul 21 2021

$125 Million Damages for Firing Person With Down Syndrome

Big Government has provided employers a compelling reason to avoid hiring workers with Down syndrome. Anyone you hire, you might have to fire. Fire someone with Down syndrome and it may cost you bigly:

A Wisconsin jury has determined that Walmart violated the Americans with Disabilities Act when it fired a sales associate who has Down syndrome over schedule-related issues.

After a four-day trial, the jury awarded Marlo Spaeth, who had worked at Walmart for about 16 years, more than $125 million in damages, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced last week.

On top of the $125 million punitive damages, Marlo gets $150,000 in compensatory damages. It would take a long time to earn that much working at Walmart. In our society, it is much more remunerative to be a victim and get the money for free.

Moonbats may feel pleased with themselves for being pleased that Walmart was punished on behalf of an allegedly oppressed person with Down syndrome. Yet these same people support killing babies in the womb for having the same condition.

Actually, companies like Walmart don’t pay for jackpot justice lawsuits. The rest of us do, through higher prices.

The EEOC brought the lawsuit. Federal bureauweenies eating away at everything like a massive termite infestation is something else we all pay for.

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