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Jun 15 2022

Academics Trained to See Cancel Culture as Good

In the West, we used to enjoy being able to speak our minds. Now we have cancel culture. Unless we share the pernicious and depraved ideology of the ruling class, we either keep our mouths shut or recite lies, lest our lives be destroyed by woke lynch mobs. This is for the best, according to academia:

“Cancel culture” has its benefits, according to an online anti-racism course being taught to over 100 British academics.

“Union Black,” a class being taught by The Open University, teaches professors that “In relation to racial/social justice, cancel culture has been shown to realize benefits.”

What else would you expect of the “Open” University in the land of George Orwell?

These benefits, according to class materials, include “holding people or entities accountable for immoral or unacceptable behavior” and “promoting collective action to achieve social justice and cultural change through social pressure.”

In other words, the benefit is that silencing dissent allows leftists to impose leftism. That is now the purpose of education — which could be why cancel culture is so prevalent on campus:

The College Fix … recently identified nearly 200 cases over the past academic year in which professors, students, mascots, paintings, honorary degrees and the like were either canceled or protested on campus. To date, The Fix’s Campus Cancel Culture Database has collected over 1,500 examples of cancelations or attempted cancelations.

Not even academia is more adamantly opposed to freedom of speech (i.e., freedom of thought) than woke globalist corporations like Santander Corporate & Investment Banking:

The Open University began the course in 2021 and it is now taught in 90 UK universities including schools in Leeds, Liverpool, Bristol, and Imperial College London.

The course is backed with 500,000 pound investment by Santander investment.

We may as well be ruled by the Chinese Communist Party for all the tolerance the liberal establishment has for dissident opinion.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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