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Mar 09 2023

Alarming Nomination Escalates War on Freelancers

We will know we no longer live in any kind of land of the free when the federal government has prevented us from working on an independent basis. This continues to be an objective of the Biden Regime, which wants to throw tens of millions of freelancers out of work on behalf of the unions that purchase power through Democrats.

This tyrannical insanity has already been inflicted in California:

The bill known as AB5 which restricts freelance employment so severely that it’s practically a ban on freelance workers has been blamed for contributing to the mass exodus with California unprecedentedly losing population every year that the law has been in effect.

It is harder to escape leftist policy when it is inflicted at the federal level, as Democrats have been attempting.

Now, Biden has nominated Julie Su, an architect of AB5’s war on freelance workers, as Secretary of Labor. …

California congressional representatives warned that Su’s AB5 has “cost tens of thousands of freelance workers and independent contractors their economic livelihoods.”

This is a big deal, and not only for the freelancers whose lives could be ruined. Senator Tim Scott notes that inflicting AB5 nationwide would “jeopardize more than 85 percent of our nation’s GDP.”

As the Labor Secretary, Su will be in a position to help Biden kill millions of jobs. Eliminating freelance workers was one of Biden’s campaign promises to unions.

A ban on freelancing would throw so many people out of work and wreak such havoc on the supply chain that inflicting it through democratic means has proven difficult. The PRO Act, a federal version of California’s AB5, passed the House when it was under Democrat control but stalled in the Senate. So the Biden Regime wants to inflict it through the Deep State, which does not have to face voters.

While the PRO Act would face congressional challenges, the Biden administration has been trying to use the Labor Department to create a backdoor assault on freelance workers by reclassifying the status of independent contractors under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

That’s where Julie Su will come in.

In California, Julie Su abused her power to terrorize small businesses and drive freelancers out of work, warning that she would be “doing investigations and audits.”

The bigger the government, the more it can hurt those it doesn’t like. Democrats are the Party of Big Government. If you are working class and can’t be forced into a union, they don’t like you.

Under Su, the Labor Department will move forward with forcibly reclassifying freelance workers while auditing and fining anyone who resists. This campaign of terror that began in California will go nationwide. Independent truckers will go out of business leading to further grocery shortages and a collapsing supply chain. Countless other professions will also fall apart.

Personnel is policy. With Biden personnel, the policy is to destroy our freedom and the economy so as to consolidate the power of the Democratic Party.

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2 Responses to “Alarming Nomination Escalates War on Freelancers”

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